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6 Genre-Defying Romantic Comedies

By definition, it seems, romantic comedies are synonymous with cheesy rubbish. And so, many of us (I don’t know what category “we” fall into but we know who we are and there are plenty of us) dread the types of movies that get released around Valentine’s Day. How did it get to be this way? In my estimation, it’s kind of like with any genre of storytelling when the rhythms and subjects of a certain style of story or movie become so popular that they grow tired and cliché. They probably began in the right place, and were tapping into some aspect of human experience that was relatable and emotionally satisfying, but are so overused and outdated that they’re dull at best and horribly irritating at worst.

[h2]1) Silver Linings Playbook[/h2]

There was one reaction I heard from several individuals after they had seen Silver Linings Playbook that got my attention: “I didn’t even realize it was a romantic comedy until the end!” Of course when I say “individuals” I mean other dudes, and I take the comment to be a complimentary one, meaning that the movie was so enjoyable that it shouldn’t even be thought of in the same generic context as some Kate Hudson vehicle. It’s possible that guys seem to like a movie like this one because its leading character is played by Bradley Cooper, a dude with some real meat cred.

The deception is part of the film’s core strength, which is that it’s a seemingly honest depiction of a man struggling to overcome some mental health issues and delusions and find some semblance of peace. In a world where the person who does it all on their own is this noble ambition to strive for, Pat represents the part of all of us that is often too proud or stubborn to ask for help when we need it. I appreciated that this movie exposes the falseness of the idea that any of us can be completely independent of one another. The fact that Pat and Tiffany’s relationship is centered on a collaborative project is a testament to some of the best features of romance, while the combination of their idiosyncratic traits makes for some seriously funny comedy.

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