Denzel Washington Says He Stalked Jared Leto On The Set Of Their New Movie

The Little Things

Denzel Washington may have revealed in an interview that he’d have had no time for Jared Leto’s Method acting shenanigans had the famously committed star tried any funny business on the set of new HBO Max thriller The Little Things, but from the sounds of it, the big screen legend may have wound up playing him at his own game anyway.

The two-time Academy Award winner has probably portrayed a cop at least a dozen times in his illustrious career to date, but Washington still finds new ways to get into character. Obviously, a grizzled veteran officer with a dark and troubled past is hardly fresh ground for the 66 year-old, but he brings the requisite levels of world-weariness and gravitas to his role as Deke in John Lee Hancock’s lukewarm serial killer mystery.

Leto may have sent his Suicide Squad co-stars such lovely gifts as dead hogs, bullets, condoms and anal beads, but he certainly wasn’t brave or foolish enough to try anything like that with Denzel Washington, especially when it transpires that The Little Things‘ leading man followed the DCEU’s Joker home on more than one occasion without even being discovered.

“I’d follow him around. I was outside of his apartment sometimes and he didn’t know. I won’t say anything more about it. I’ll put it this way, he didn’t know.”

The Little Things

The Morbius star admitted that he currently has no idea where his Academy Award is having moved homes three years ago and still not found it, which leads to the wonderful but equally implausible and unlikely idea of Denzel Washington breaking into his house and taking it in the name of art, mirroring the scene in The Little Things where Deke indulges in a spot of good old fashioned B&E to try and uncover some evidence linking Leto’s Albert Sparma to the murders at the center of the narrative.