Details On Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang In Suicide Squad Revealed



Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits cinemas next March and will be followed shortly thereafter by David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. That’s still August of next year, and yet the quantity of rumors and speculation wafting across the Interwebs is plentiful. Recent weeks have brought intel on the film’s villains, the visual representations of Harley Quinn and The Joker, Batman’s supposed appearance….the list goes on.

Today’s latest batch of tidbittery hails once more from the tipsters at Latino Review, who have their dabs on what exactly one of the titular crew will look like onscreen. George “Digger” Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang, is one of the most reviled DC villains for his sadistic killing regimes. But, mean bastard or not, he’s still got a reputation to uphold that revolves around his stylistic image, which will apparently remain loyal to the comic:

Boomerang is very rock n roll & they’re experimenting with a series of looks for him. Very hard rock influenced. Example, he wears a Pantera shirt with his prison uniform plus the trademark beanie.

In addition to his clothing, the actor playing him – Jai Courtney – has been undergoing a physical transformation to accurately represent the villain. Doing the press rounds last week in support of the Divergent sequel Insurgent, Courtney fielded questions with regards to the movie, and whereabouts he is up to on pre-production prep.

He told Variety that that has included a lot of training:

I’m getting ready to go into “Suicide Squad.” I’m deep in prep for that, we’ve been training pretty hard for a couple of months. It’s an incredible cast and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone; everyone’s kind of been in their pocketed zones and we’re shipping out in a couple weeks to start rehearsals.

Those rehearsals are now in progress in Canada, as Ayer’s pre-production teases have been haunting the director’s Twitter for weeks. From innocent snaps of the set to mysterious shots of Jared Leto’s new look as The Joker, fans have been granted a wealth of behind-the-scenes intel on Suicide Squad.

Now the only question is, when do we get to see Courtney’s beefy Boomerang getup?

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