Details Emerge On Batman’s Role In Suicide Squad


A slate of new information about Batman’s involvement in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad has been revealed. This latest batch arrives once more from Latino Review‘s chief scoop hound El Mayimbe, who last week brought us three major tidbits concerning DC’s supervillain flick. That initial trio of posts alerted us to the film’s major antagonists, the appearance of Deathstroke and which comic book Joker would provide the basis for Jared Leto’s version.

Today, attention turns to another corner of DC’s cinematic universe, and shines a spotlight on one of the most-beloved comic book characters to ever grace the panels. Batman.

According to the site’s sources, prior to the events of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the caped crusader is viewed as an urban legend. On top of that, he’s not seen as the good guy hero he’s often painted as and is despised by the government, who treats him like “some sort of big boogeyman.” It’s also suggested that up until that point, The Joker is the only notable figure to have actually encountered Batman. This feeds into some of the knowledge we accrued in last week’s Joker scoop. Perhaps their meeting arises when the Joker kills one of Batman’s sidekicks?

As a result of his enigmatic status, Batman will become a key target for Suicide Squad leader Amanda Waller. She will gather her loyal gang to watch footage of Batman in action – presumably from BvS. El Mayimbe also teases a brief chunk of dialogue wherein someone, either Waller or a Squad member, says that Batman is the key to “tracking down all ‘the supers’.” If this is true then, that would indicate all of the Justice League’s identities – Batman, Superman, Aquaman, et. al – are likely to be revealed during BvS.

This sets the stage for Ben Affleck’s Batman to make an appearance in Suicide Squad – a rumor which began to circulate in late January. In fact, today’s reveal aligns perfectly with the details outlined in the January tidbit: Affleck would appear in Suicide towards the end of the movie in an “in story” scene. Involving the Joker.

So, to reiterate: last week we learned that Leto’s Joker would be taken from The Dark Knight Returns comic, and now we’re told that Affleck’s Batman will definitely appear. Could that “in story” moment in fact be the video footage of the Bat that the Squad are watching? If these rumors are true, we could be witnessing the beginnings the inevitable Batman v Joker battle in the future.

Production is currently gearing up for Suicide Squad, ahead of its August 5, 2016 release date. As always, we’ll keep you posted once we learn more.