New Detective Pikachu Posters Debut, Fan Contest Announced


So far, the promotion for Detective Pikachu has done a surprisingly effective job at winning over skeptics, or at the very least, convincing people that it won’t be quite as misguided a project as many feared. What’s more, the endearing marketing for the first live-action Pokémon movie continues with a stylish new batch of posters, shared via the film’s official Instagram along with a call for fans to contribute some artwork of their own.

It seems that the Rob Letterman-helmed film is teaming up with Talenthouse in a new contest, with the caption explaining the deal as follows:

“We’re on the hunt for your #DetectivePikachu art! Share yours at to join the #PikaCrew!”

Legendary Pictures better hope that filmgoers are open to joining the #PikaCrew if they intend to go through with their alleged plans for a spinoff movie, but going by the movie’s somewhat divisive first trailer, Detective Pikachu should at least demonstrate that the technology is there to bring Pokémon to the medium of live-action.

Of course, it’ll probably help if the pic has the writing to back its cutesy visuals up. So far, we know that the plot will focus on 21-year-old Tim, played by Justice Smith, who teams up with a furry little Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds as they attempt to track down Tim’s detective father. As the pair search the streets of Ryme City for clues, the two of them uncover a plot that threatens to disrupt the harmony established between humans and Pokémon, and based on what we’ve heard recently, the film also has a familiar villain lined up.

We’ll find out if this is a story worth telling when Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10th, 2019.

Source: Instagram