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Detective Pikachu Spinoff Already In Development At Warner Bros.

Source close to We Got This Covered are reporting that a spinoff for Detective Pikachu is already in the works at Warner Bros.


While it’d be fair to feel skeptical about the upcoming Detective Pikachu (this is a video game movie, after all), we’ve gotta say that the film’s first trailer makes it appear as if the franchise’s long-awaited jump to live-action cinema will end up being a lot less awkward than most probably expected, with the titular investigator and his peers looking pretty well-rendered next to the human actors.

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Is that enough to get people into theaters to see the upcoming Ryan Reynolds-led flick? Maybe not, but it’s clear that the aforementioned trailer has already won over some naysayers. While there are still a lot of Pokémon fans out there who might be on the fence, the bulk of the online response so far has ranged from cautiously optimistic to pretty darn hyped.

It’s perhaps because of this that Warner Bros. is already moving ahead with a spinoff. Not only that, but the project will apparently focus on one Pokémon in particular that should get folks excited (minor spoilers to follow from here).

Sources close to We Got This Covered have confirmed that the spinoff will revolve around none other than Mewtwo, who’s also going to be the secret villain of Detective Pikachu, from what we’ve been told. As for returning cast and who’ll be behind the camera or penning the script, that’s still unknown. All we can tell you right now is that it’s in development, which seems to indicate that Warner Bros. has high hopes for the franchise. And why shouldn’t they?

It’s true that as a video game adaptation, the movie certainly has history against it, but it’s becoming pretty clear that fans are starting to surprise themselves in just how curious they are about Detective Pikachu and from the look of things, there’ll be a fair few people heading out to cinemas on May 10th to see what might just be the next big franchise in Hollywood. At least, the studio will surely be hoping it is.