Godzilla Vs. Kong Director Shares New Promo Image

Godzilla vs. Kong

Legendary Pictures has been building up to Godzilla vs. Kong for an extremely long time. This should be the Infinity War of the Monsterverse, showing the two cinematic heavyweights going to toe-to-toe, with Kong’s ferocity and agility pitted against Godzilla’s sheer power. It sounds great, so where is it? Well, if they’d stuck to the original plan, we’d have seen it in March, but then it was delayed until November for reshoots.

Then came a beast more destructive than anything in the Monsterverse and a tiny fraction of the size: COVID-19. It’s wreaked havoc on the entertainment world and is now responsible for Godzilla vs. Kong once again missing a release date. This is because Wonder Woman 1984 has been rescheduled for October, taking Godzilla vs. Kong‘s spot. That, plus The Matrix 4‘s delay means there’s a plum May 2021 release date going spare. That’s now been snaffled up by this movie, meaning another painful year of waiting for Monsterverse fans.

Director Adam Wingard is obviously aware of the frustration felt by fans, posting an apology on Instagram:

“To all Godzilla and Kong fans…I know you’re pumped to see how the battle of the century will turn out, but with all that is going on, we’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer to see who will emerge victorious. Find the BIGGEST screen possible to see Kong and Godzilla face off May 2021!”

He’s also posted a clapperboard on Twitter that shows the two titans squaring off (see below), with fans immediately poring over it for details.

While I’m a big Monsterverse fan and specifically of Adam Wingard (The Guest kicks so much ass), I am getting a bit tired of waiting for the bout of the century to begin. Let’s hope this is the absolute final time Godzilla vs. Kong gets delayed. Fingers crossed.