Godzilla Vs. Kong Director Says The Film Will Be Worth The Wait

Godzilla vs. Kong

Just when it appeared things were finally starting to look up for Godzilla vs. Kong, the latest installment in Legendary’s MonsterVerse has been hit with another delay after being moved to the May 2021 release date recently vacated by The Matrix 4 as the domino effect caused by the Coronavirus pandemic continues.

This marks just the latest setback for an increasingly troubled production, with the recently announced reshuffle now the fifth different release date that’s been set for the clash of the cinematic titans. After an early screening of the movie didn’t generate much enthusiasm from the studio, director Adam Wingard embarked on a series of extensive reshoots, ones that reportedly greatly improved Godzilla vs. Kong as a result.

Being pushed back by eight months initially looked like a stroke of good fortune given that the originally planned March release would have been massively impacted by the Coronavirus, but even with restrictions being lifted around the world and theaters gearing up for a return to some semblance of normality, there are still enough variables to consider for the studio to be hesitant about unleashing their $200 million monster mash at a time when screens might not even be allowed to operate at full capacity.

In what’s becoming an increasingly regular occurrence, Wingard has reassured fans that Godzilla vs. Kong will be well worth the wait with the latest delay being just a minor bump in the road, and you can check out his statement below.

After such a prolonged series of misfortunes, let’s hope that Godzilla vs. Kong turns out to be the movie that both fans and the studio are hoping it will be, because after the disappointing critical and commercial reaction to the MonsterVerse’s last outing, the future of the entire franchise potentially hinges on the battle between the iconic kaiju being a major hit.