Discovery Reportedly Supports Restoring The SnyderVerse


Following one of the biggest corporate mergers in history, there’s inevitably going to be a lot of upheaval and uncertainty in the early days of the freshly-named Warner Bros. Discovery conglomerate, which now has a wide-ranging multimedia empire that is arguably only second to the all-powerful Disney in the sheer breadth of its reach.

Of course, nobody cares much about in-depth boardroom machinations, as fans just want to know if they’re getting the SnyderVerse back. CEO David Zaslav is hardly going to walk into his brand new office, immediately pick up the phone and extend an olive branch to Zack Snyder, though, especially when he’s said to be a financially and commercially-driven presence, and the filmmaker’s trio of DCEU blockbusters cost more than a billion dollars to produce, market and distribute, only to return a net profit of just over $150 million.

However, according to a new leak, which admittedly comes from Reddit (though the user does have a proven track record) so do with that information what you will, Discovery are in support of the SnyderVerse because they liked the director’s films. The scuttlebutt doesn’t elaborate what ‘Discovery’ entails, however, and it’s a huge company that employs thousands of people across all sectors, so it’s a bit broad to just assume that everyone’s given the Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director’s vision two thumbs up.

In any case, it’s been clear for a long time that talk of the SnyderVerse isn’t going anywhere, and to be frank, it’s all getting a little tiresome at this point with a new rumor cropping up almost daily. As such, it would be nice for whoever winds up in charge of making that decision to put the talk to bed once and for all at some point in the near future and give everyone a definitive yay or nay.