Warner Bros. Discovery Reportedly Plans To Restore The SnyderVerse

Justice League

There’s been a pervasive sense of hope that as soon as Discovery and WarnerMedia merge, we’ll be hearing that Zack Snyder has been welcomed back into the fold with open arms to deliver his two Justice League sequels at long last.

Looking at things completely objectively, though, while there’s always a distinct possibility that it could happen somewhere down the line, it’s hardly going to be a case of giving it the okay right out of the gate. We’ve already heard that the SnyderVerse may be restored via a boardroom clear out that gets rid of the anti-Snyder brigade, but with $100 billion at stake and a massive multimedia empire to restructure in the immediate aftermath, a single streaming exclusive that fans loved isn’t going to be viewed as a game changer by incoming head honcho David Zaslav.

However, another new report is once again pushing the SnyderVerse narrative, operating under the assumption that not only is Zaslav determined to make it happen, which remains unverified and uncorroborated, but that the movie’s success on HBO Max has proven that the Warner Bros. top brass have been plagued by poor decision making, even though that’s been apparent since long before March of this year when the four-hour Justice League arrived.

“Zaslav is interested in making the DC Films connected like it was with Zack Snyder’s DCEU,” writes Geekosity. “This is what the Snyderverse truly is. He plans to restore it, but he will still evaluate The Snyder Cut numbers on HBO Max.”

Zaslav’s job is to come in, oversee the transition and ensure all of the various pieces of the intricate WarnerMedia/Discovery puzzle are locked together and pulling in the same direction, before ultimately selling the conglomerate for a huge profit in the future. Zack Snyder’s trio of DCEU blockbusters, meanwhile, cost well over a billion dollars to produce, promote and market, yet returned a net profit of less than $150 million when the numbers were crunched. And those certainly aren’t the sort of margins that cause a new boss to invest even more capital, especially when the long-term plan is simply to sell up and move on. But then again, when it comes to the DCEU, you just never know what can happen.