Disney Plus Added 10 New Movies/TV Shows Today

Iron Man Captain America

It’s been a fun month to be a Disney Plus subscriber so far, and today’s content drop aims to keep that trend alive. We’re being treated to the addition of a new original movie, the premiere episode of an original show and plenty more that should keep you busy over the weekend – especially if you’re a fan of nature.

Indeed, today’s additions include a handful of nature documentaries, but the new Disney Plus Original Meet the Chimps is perhaps the most exciting piece of content in the haul. The premiere episode will introduce viewers to Chimp Haven, an incredibly large and interesting wildlife sanctuary in Louisiana that houses over 300 chimpanzees. The series follows this diverse group of chimps through the good and bad of their daily lives, while also touching on the staff that works diligently to keep them safe and happy.

But if you’re looking for less monkey business, you’ll want to check out the Disney Plus Original Clouds. This musical drama is based off the Laura Sobiech book Fly a Little Higher: How God Answered a Mom’s Small Prayer in a Big Way, and it tells the inspirational true story of musician Zach Sobiech, who’s diagnosed with cancer and spends his final few months as a viral sensation by simply doing what he loves most.


For more, here’s the full list of everything that was added today:

Disney Junior the Rocketeer (Season 1)
Drain (Season 3)
Lost on Everest
Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Episode 104)
Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United 
Meet the Chimps (Premiere Episode)
One Day At Disney (Episode 146)
The Right Stuff  (Episode 103)
Weird But True (Episode 310)

Of course, there’s still plenty more on the way to Disney Plus this month, too. Most notably, the second season of the hit show The Mandalorian will be landing on October 30th, bringing with it plenty of the bounty hunter and what may very well be the world’s most beloved baby creature, Baby Yoda, who’ll apparently be carried in a pouch sling now. Dammit, that’s cute.