The Mandalorian Season 2 Poster Puts Baby Yoda In A Pouch Sling


Disney has just released the first trailer for the second season of The Mandalorian. And to hype us even further, they’ve decided to drop an official poster as well.

At this point, Jon Favreau’s streaming series seems to be the Mouse House’s only saving grace when it comes to Star Wars. While the last movie in the Skywalker Saga opened to mixed reactions from fans and critics alike, the first season of The Mandalorian came out at roughly the same time and managed to bestow some sense of unanimity to the fandom of that galaxy far, far away. After all, everyone loved the new hero Din Djarin, an adopted Mandalorian bounty hunter on a self-proclaimed quest to protect the Child, a creature in the same species as Grand Master Yoda.

Their first adventure ended on a bright note, with the duo defeating the Imperial loyalists and flying off to find Baby Yoda’s clan. But Moff Gideon, the main antagonist and an enigmatic former leader of the Empire, seems hellbent on acquiring the Child. So, the task at hand isn’t going to be as simple as we’d imagined.

In fact, from what we saw in the first trailer, the upcoming chapter will be full of action. The teaser doesn’t disappoint, either, as there were a ton of Baby Yoda shots to help quench our thirst. And in all of them, the adorable Force-sensitive sidekick can be seen inside his crib. But a new poster shows that Din Djarin will eventually have to give up the cradle for more flexibility, carrying the Child in a pouch sling instead.

Disney is keeping their cards pretty close to the chest with the marketing campaign. As such, the trailer doesn’t include anything from rumored characters like Ahsoka and Sabine Wren, who are set to appear in the second season.

And while we’re eager to know more, remember that Baby Yoda himself was also a well-kept secret, and in the end, it was worth the suspense. So, we wouldn’t mind experiencing the sensation all over again in The Mandalorian season 2, which drops on October 30th on Disney Plus.