Disney Plus Is Adding 9 New Movies/TV Shows This Week

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Disney Plus is adding 9 new titles this coming week to kick off October. September opened with one of the biggest streaming releases of the year, Mulan, so obviously this month is going to have a softer opening haul. Still, there are a few notable fresh movies and TV shows going up on the service this Friday, October 2nd.

To start with, there are a handful of new films being added to D+’s library, and 2008’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua is one of them. Starring Piper Perabo and Jamie Lee Curtis as the human leads and the voices of George Lopez and Andy Garcia, the movie – which started a pretty successful straight-to-DVD franchise for the Mouse House – follows the adventures of a couple of well-off Chihuahuas who get dognapped and taken to Mexico.

2005’s Cheaper by the Dozen, the sequel to the earlier comedy film starring Steve Martin about the mishaps of the jumbo-sized Baker family, is another one you might want to check out. The original is already up on D+ and a reboot is currently in the works and will feature a more diverse cast.

For more, here’s the full list of what’s coming to Disney Plus on the 2nd:

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Cheaper by the Dozen 2
The Simpsons (Season 31)
Secrets of the Zoo: Down Under (Season 1)
Mr. Holland’s Opus
Zenimation Extended Edition, Premiere
Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Episode 102, “Happy Birthday, Gino!”
One Day At Disney, Episode 144, “Pablo Rufino, Ride Show Technician”
Weird But True, Episode 308, “Our Solar System”

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

As for the TV highlights of this week’s haul, that has to be another season of The Simpsons. Subscribers will soon be able to watch the 31st run of the record-breaking animated series along with the previous three decades’ worth of episodes. The Simpsons has proven to be a continuous chart-topper for the site for months now, so no doubt folks will lap up this recent run.

Elsewhere, you can catch 1995 drama Mr. Holland’s Opus, new episodes of Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, One Day at Disney and Weird But True and an extended edition of the calming Zenimation animated experience.

Tell us, though, what will you be watching on Disney Plus this coming week? Let us know down below.