Disney Plus Has Finally Added Its First Live-Action X-Men Movie


From its launch, Disney Plus made a big deal of being a hub for Marvel content, with many of the MCU movies being available to stream on the site. But, though the company now owns Fox’s X-Men films, they haven’t previously been up on the service due to pre-existing deals with other streaming providers. As old deals are running out, however, that’s starting to change and today marks the first X-Men movie to go up on Disney Plus. And as an extra perk, it’s one of the best.

Last month, Disney Plus announced its Summer Move Night schedule which sees some major new additions to the site’s library arriving every Friday throughout the summer. Today, it’s the turn of 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. This is the second Fox Marvel flick to come to D+, following 2015’s Fantastic Four in June, and will soon be followed by three more X-Men entries – 2000’s X-Men, 2013’s The Wolverine and 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse. 

Days of Future Past acts as a major crossover between the franchise’s original and prequel cast. As Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and his mutant allies face destruction in a dystopian future timeline, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is sent back in time to the 1970s in order to change the past and set things right. But to do this, he has to inspire James McAvoy’s young Professor X and get Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) to reform.

This was the final mainline X-Men flick for both Jackman and Stewart, though the duo returned one more time in Logan. With the changing of the timelines, this gave the franchise something of a reboot, leading to new versions of familiar characters and storylines to play out – to lesser success, admittedly – in Apocalypse and 2019’s Dark Phoenix. 

Of course, joining X-Men: Days of Future Past on Disney Plus today is Solo: A Star Wars Story, the 2018 Lucasfilm prequel starring Alden Ehrenreich. Let us know if you plan on watching either of them by dropping a comment down below.