One Of The Worst Marvel Movies Ever Just Hit Disney Plus

Fantastic Four

For the Disney+ subscribers among you, there are so many movies that will have convinced you to sign up. Perhaps you wanted a platform where you could watch every Star Wars film in one place. Or perhaps you wanted to dive into Disney’s awesome catalogue of animated classics. But there’s one movie I’m certain none of you signed up to watch. It’s not something the Mouse House produced, either. You see, one of the quirks of buying out Fox has been them taking responsibility for all of their great titles, as well as their dregs. And this falls firmly in the latter.

Yep, 2015’s disastrous Fantastic Four reboot has been added to Disney+ now. The film failed to find an audience, flopping at the box office with a dismal thump. Not content to merely be a financial failure though, it also got a mauling from critics, and for good reason, as studio interference botched whatever modicum of sensibility director Josh Trank was trying to achieve.

Frankly, there’s nothing to be said that hasn’t already been said on the disaster that unfolded both on-screen and off it, so instead, let’s throw the ball back in your court. I’m not saying you should drop everything and queue the movie up straight away – you’ve probably got much more important things to be occupying yourself with. But if you’re feeling particularly masochistic tonight, steel yourself for this masterpiece of cinematic butchery. You won’t will be disappointed.

Got any fantastic thoughts on Fantastic Four? Leave them in a comment below. Thankfully, things look brighter for Marvel’s first family now that the characters are finally in the hands of the homonymous studio. In fact, a second reboot is reportedly in the works, and we should be hearing more about it soon.