Disney Reportedly Hoping To Make New Spider-Man Deal Before D23


Though everybody knows how the last attempt at negotiating went down, the House of Mouse is ready to step up to the plate again.

While Spider-Man fans have been mourning the apparent exiling of their hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe all week, Sony’s made it clear that they’re willing to open the conversation back up. Earlier today, rumors came about that Disney was considering a new deal with Sony that would not only see the entrance of Venom into the MCU, but also lay the way for Tom Holland to return for at least six more movies – with an option for a seventh.

This intel, provided by TVO of the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel, comes after a painfully grim week of Spidey news. With this whole fiasco proving that there’s such a thing as bad publicity, TVO claims that Disney now hopes to relieve its fans with some good news before Saturday’s Marvel panel at the D23 expo, with the company said to be looking to finalize a new deal before the weekend.

And if this deal comes to be, there’ll certainly be a lot worth mentioning. For instance, Sony, who only has the film rights to the Spider-Man franchise, will be given permission to create TV programs based on the Spider-Verse properties (let’s go Spider-Ham!). Also, the 50/50 split that’d led to this whole mess to begin with has been brought down to 30% – which, mind you, is still more than the 25% Sony reportedly tried negotiating with before.

But as this is among the hottest topics in Hollywood at the moment, we want to know what you’re thinking. Do you feel like Disney and Sony can figure things out before tomorrow? Let us know in the usual place below.