Disney Developing Live-Action Remake Of Jack And The Bean Stalk

Jack and the Bean Stalk

Disney’s next live-action project could reportedly revolve around the iconic story of Jack and the Bean Stalk. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who said an Aladdin sequel was happening, and that Ewan McGregor was returning as Obi-Wan in a Disney Plus show – the studio’s in early development and would like Ridley Scott to helm it if it moves forward. Whether it’d be released theatrically or through the company’s popular new streaming service remains to be seen, though.

Of course, live-action remakes are currently all the rage at Disney these days. Following the massive successes of the latest reboots from the studio, it makes sense that they’ll want to continue down this path until the well dries up. Then again, the last attempt to bring this particular folktale to the big screen fizzled out, so it’s unclear if this one will actually get off the ground. As we said above, though, it is in early development and the Mouse House already has a director in mind.

Jack and the Bean Stalk

If you’ll recall, it was just a few years ago that the studio wanted to do another adaptation of the fairy tale with a movie called Gigantic. Tangled director Nathan Greno was all set to direct and the film was slated to be released in late 2020. The pic barely got off the ground though before Disney made the decision to cancel the project, as they were struggling to come up with a creative and compelling spin on the story. Hopefully they won’t hit the same roadblocks this time around and they’ll be able to crack the script.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much else to share about the adaptation at this early, early stage, but tell us, would you be into seeing a live-action Jack and the Bean Stalk movie, or are you already tired of this reboot craze? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!