Disney Celebrates Anniversary Of The Nightmare Before Christmas


If October 3rd is all about Mean Girls and October 31st is reserved for All Hallow’s Eve, then let it be known that October 29th belongs to The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton’s delightfully dark stop-motion animation that first graced our screens all the way back in ’93.

And even now, almost 30 years later, The Nightmare Before Christmas is still widely considered to be an annual tradition among moviegoers – no surprise there, given it is perhaps the perfect film to bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas. But above all, it’s the tale of Jack Skellington that keeps viewers coming back for more, and we learned recently that Chris Sarandon, the man responsible for Jack’s cackling voice, would do anything for a Nightmare Before Christmas sequel. More on that after the jump.

But first, as this is October 29th, Disney’s official Twitter account marked the anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas with a poster commemorating the story of Jack Skellington and Sally.


The Pumpkin King Jack Skellington only wanted to spread a little Christmas joy, and if rumors are to be believed, he may carrying some of that festive spirit over into the realm of live-action, what with reports that Disney is still actively developing a new version of The Nightmare Before Christmas, one which would stand alongside other live-action remakes in the vein of Jungle Book, Dumbo, and The Lion King.

Whether the Powers That Be can ever capture the stop-motion magic of Tim Burton’s original is another question entirely, but rest assured, even after 26 years, The Nightmare Before Christmas is still a cherished classic, and perhaps the perfect cinematic treat to signal the transition between Halloween and Christmas.