Disney Plus doesn’t accept ‘Team Thor’ shorts as MCU canon

Team Thor

Disney Plus added the remainder of the Marvel One-Shots to the library yesterday, finally making the entire collection available to stream at the push of a button, something fans of the cinematic universe have been waiting to see happen for a long time.

Unfortunately, it’s come with a significant downside, after the platform appeared to banish the Team Thor trio of short films to the realms of non-canon. While the first two installments and Team Darryl are part of the Phase Three collection on the platform, they aren’t included in the Timeline Order subsection, even though A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer, The Consultant, and Item 47 made the cut.

Either it’s a glaring mistake on the Mouse House’s part, or Marvel have disregarded the canonicity of the hilarious misadventures of Darryl Jacobson, the unfortunate mortal who ends up rooming with Thor, and eventually the Grandmaster.

Marvel producer Brad Winderbaum teased last summer that we might be seeing more of Darryl again in the future, but that’s now entirely up for debate after Disney Plus threw the veracity of his very existence up in the air. You never know, it might be remedied in short order, but don’t be surprised if #JusticeForDarryl ends up trending in the interim.

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