Marvel Producer Teases The Return Of Thor’s Roommate Darryl

Team Thor

One of the many hilariously irreverent things Taika Waititi brought to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he seized the reins of the Thor franchise was the God of Thunder’s roommate Darryl, who quickly became a cult hero among the fanbase.

A trio of short films followed Darry Jacobson as he found himself thrust into the middle of co-existing with cosmic deities. Team Thor showed the duo living together throughout the events of Captain America: Civil War, where the Odinson learns how to send emails and reveals his investigation into the whereabouts of the Infinity Stones, with a guest spot from Mark Ruffalo.

Team Thor: Part 2 showed Darryl getting frustrated with Thor’s attempts to pay his rent in Asgardian currency, suggesting his superpowered buddy get a job before they end up hiring a servant instead. Team Darryl follows our intrepid hero as he moves to Los Angeles to shack up with the only person who responded to his ads for a roommate, which just so happens to be Jeff Golblum’s Grandmaster.

Team Thor

While it wasn’t a confirmation or denial, longtime Marvel producer Brad Winderbaum did tease that we could be seeing more of Darryl in the future.

“Well, maybe you might get more Darryl. It’s possible.”

The last time we saw him, Darryl ended up fearing for his life after the Grandmaster melted one of his friends, and with Goldblum set to return for next summer’s Thor: Love and Thunder, it would be a neat Easter Egg for MCU completionists were the mild-mannered Australian to show up by his side as one of his lackeys. Any interactions between Daley Pearson and Chris Hemsworth would be comedic gold, whether it happens in the fourth installment or we get another short after the movie’s release.