Disney Rebooting Home Alone For Their New Streaming Service

Home Alone

While plenty of people are sick of all these reboots happening lately, it’s hard not to argue that some classic films should definitely be brought back for a new generation. One of those movies that falls under this category is Home Alone. Disney apparently feels the exact same way, too, as CEO Bob Iger has just announced that the multimedia conglomerate will reimagine several beloved flicks in the near future on their upcoming streaming service. These include Night at the MuseumDiary of a Wimpy Kid and the aforementioned Christmas comedy.

Before fans start complaining about the planned remake, keep in mind the promise that comes with bringing this premise into the 21st century. Imagine a modern-day version of a kid like Kevin McCallister trying to fend off two no-good burglars. This time, however, he’ll have all of the technology available in 2019 on his side.

If Kevin could be so cunning and devious without the use of many electronics, imagine the potential of him equipped with the best of what Silicon Valley has to offer. Those would-be robbers sure are in for a lot pain.

It’s currently unknown if anyone from the original cast will be brought back, but it would be awesome to see Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern return as the two bumbling crooks. Maybe the reboot will even serve as a continuation of the franchise, allowing Macaulay Culkin to play an older version of Kevin. Perhaps this time he’ll even be the one to leave his kid behind. Catherine O’Hara, John Heard and more can all be invited back as well.

Honestly, there are infinite directions that Disney could decide to go with this. They could even take a really dark route and explore the whole “Kevin turns into Jigsaw” fan theory. Whatever they end up doing, it’s hard not to be at least a little bit excited about a reimagining of Home Alone.

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