Disney Plus Just Removed A Bunch Of Movies And Subscribers Are Outraged

Pirates of the Caribbean

Remember all the way back to yesterday when we wrote about Friends leaving Netflix? Well… another day, another round of outrage over a streaming site removing content.

Disney Plus has removed Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and many other titles from their library as of this week. Friends leaving Netflix on January 1st was expected, but Disney Plus essentially putting their content “back in the vault” without warning is curious. And the fans are not happy about it, as evidenced by the Tweets below.

Home Alone

Removing Home Alone is one thing, but Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides? How could they!!! Just kidding. They’re doing us a favor with that one. The Sandlot, though? Now that one’s a punch to the gut.

Remember back in the day when you would see those television advertisements about Disney telling audiences to pick up their favorite animated classics before “they’re put back in the vault?” It was an annoying marketing ploy to get you to run out to your local Walmart to buy The Lion King on DVD. And if you didn’t, you’d have to dust off that old VHS copy.

It was thought that the creation of Disney Plus would alleviate that problem for consumers, as now they had the entire Disney library at the click of a button. Apparently not, though, as Disney is once again worrying about the dilution of their content by having it readily available all the time.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Removing the likes of Home Alone makes a little bit of sense because Christmas is over and who wants to watch holiday movies in January? That feels weird to me. Based on today’s outrage though, I guess many would like to. Or they’re just upset that Disney is taking away their ability to watch anything at any time.

There were many articles over the last month or so talking about how Disney Plus was going to be the death of Netflix. But the thing is, Netflix is losing shows like Friends and eventually The Office because their license agreements are ending. Disney Plus owns all of their own content and so they decide what customers can watch. And by removing certain movies, they’re only reminding us who’s boss. Maybe that’s not the best strategy heading into a new year, though.