Disney Reportedly Wants To Acquire The Event Horizon Franchise

Event horizon

Paul W.S. Anderson’s Event Horizon may have bombed at the box office back in 1997 after earning just $42 million on a $60 million budget, but it’s since gone on to become a firm cult classic. The sci-fi horror boasted a solid ensemble cast and some suitably nasty practical and visual effects, finding a long-lasting life as one of the modern era’s more underrated genre gems.

It was also hacked apart by the studio in post-production, with the version of the movie that hit theaters vastly different from what Anderson had in mind. The Resident Evil director admitted he’d love to see a Director’s Cut, but he’s aware that the missing footage may have become lost to the sands of time, and star Jason Isaacs doesn’t think it’ll happen, either.

The high concept premise and balance between sci-fi and body horror invited comparisons to Ridley Scott’s Alien, with insider Daniel Richtman now reporting that Disney wants to revitalize Event Horizon and acquire the property from Paramount, with an eye to having the upcoming show stream on Hulu.


Unfortunately, the tipster doesn’t offer anything further on the matter, nor is it entirely clear why they want this particular franchise out of the countless sci-fi/horror brands that they could potentially get their hands on. In any case, we can’t imagine too many fans would be happy to have Event Horizon move under the Mouse House banner, even if they do already own some heavy hitters like Alien and Predator, and for now, we’ll just have to wait and see how this all shakes out.

Tell us, though, do you have any interest in seeing more from the property, be it from Disney or another studio? As always, let us know down below and watch this space for more.