Ranking Disney’s Live-Action Remakes

Pete's Dragon

When a studio is as old and has as big a catalog of hits as Disney, it’s inevitable to look back through past decades of success stories for a property that can be refreshed and re-appropriated for a modern audience.

Lately, Walt Disney Pictures has been making headlines for its rampant revisits to some of its most beloved animated classics, with this year’s The Jungle Book serving as the most recent example of the studio taking a story from animation to live action. However, in addition to translating these iconic stories into a new visual style, Disney has also sprinkled in several notable remakes of its own live-action films.


For this list, we’re taking a look only at cases in which the studio has produced a theatrically released update of one of its own live-action hits. As such, we’re not counting films like Oz: The Great and Powerful that are reboots of an existing property or those that are connected to non-Disney properties.

On that note, read on for our thoughts on the House of Mouse’s live-action remakes.