Dane Cook Returns As Talking Plane In Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue

Dusty in Disney's Planes

“It’s like Cars, but in the sky!”

That’s how the pitch meeting for Disney’s Planes went several years ago, probably. Some ambitious young executive at Disney wanted to prove his worth, and boy did he succeed. Planes raked in over $206 million worldwide by catering to undiscerning children and other people who delight in seeing things talk that shouldn’t be talking. With that much money to be made, you’d better believe Disney greenlit a sequel faster than the cryogenically preserved head of Walt Disney could shout “Nooooo!” And now, here we are with a trailer for Planes: Fire & Rescue.

Everyone’s favorite comedian from ten years ago Dane Cook is set to reprise his role as wise-crackin’ anthropomorphic airplane Dusty Crophopper, who sounds vaguely like Lightning McQueen, if you close your eyes and wish hard enough.

“Sure, why not?” Cook most likely responded when asked to do the film. Then he tore off his shirt and whipped it around his head in lieu of a punchline, much to the delight of frat guys somewhere.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Pixar was somehow involved with the Planes movies, since they take place “in the world of” Cars, have the same look as Cars, and are every bit as free of artistic ambition as Cars, but you’d be wrong. The Planes movies are being handled by Disney directly while Pixar works on more important things, like another Cars sequel.

Beyond the all-important casting announcement of Dane Cook’s return, little is known about who else will be involved in the film. Disney has not announced who will be writing or directing it, nor if any of the other cast members from the original will be returning. So if you were on edge waiting for news of whether or not Everybody Loves Raymond’s Brad Garret will be returning as Chug or Cedric the Entertainer will be returning as Leadbottom, you’ve still got some sleepless nights ahead of you.

As long as you’re up, though, you might as well check out the teaser trailer below. Then on July 18th, 2014, all your fever dreams of talking airplanes will come true when Planes: Fire & Rescue hits theaters.