Disney’s Star Wars Trilogy Might Continue Luke Skywalker’s Journey

Ever since Disney announced that they’d bought George Lucas‘ legacy for a measly $4 billion, the internet has gone into a state of shock and despair. The shock stems from the fact that George Lucas, now 68, decided to sell his entire life’s work after editing it and ruining it and added CG-dinosaurs to it for years, and the despair comes from the fact that the people who made Pirates of the Caribbean are now in charge of Star Wars.

Since then, the speculation levels have hit the roof and continued to smash out through the atmosphere, perhaps knocking a TIE fighter out of orbit or something. Essentially, though, there’s been no solid news to report, except that a new episode has been planned for a 2015 release.

But Jason Pollack, who recently spoke with The Wrap and has written many a book on the Star Wars universe, says that it’s possible the new trilogy will follow our old buddy Luke Skywalker as he goes about the galaxy in his 30s or 40s, presumably buying loafers and paying child support.

Kind of makes sense, given the fact that George Lucas planned this thing out as 9 films. It’d be somewhat strange if the final entries in the series changed stories and characters completely. Or would it? George Lucas does what he wants.

The possibly of Luke Skywalker stories is intriguing, however, given the character’s iconic status. Don’t get too excited, Mark Hamill: this obviously means that Luke will have to be recast, given that Hamill is extremely old and unattractive nowadays. No way he could bullseye a whomp rat from a T-16 back home in that state (that’s the kind of reference Star Wars fans want, right?).

Of course, Luke isn’t exactly the most popular character in the franchise, given that he’s kind of a dweeb and stuff, but he was only a youngling back then, so maybe an older Luke is, like, badass or something, soaring around the galaxy and scoring chicks, cutting aliens up with his lightsaber. Maybe. No, we don’t think so either.

Then there’s the “canon” novels that already take place after the trilogy (everybody is having kids) to consider, since they’re, um, un-canon now, apparently, which the authors of those books won’t like, since their work has to be thrown into the trash compactor (or Sarlacc – pick your poison).

All that’s assured is that Jar Jar Binks can’t possibly still be alive given the timeframe, and that’s an extremely comforting thought.

So, what do you make of this little tidbit? Any ideas who could play Luke if this rumor revealed itself to be true?

Source: The Film Stage