Five District Seals From The Hunger Games Released

In the future, the United States has become a country known as Panem, which is made up of 12 districts. These districts each specialize in a different area to best serve the Capitol. Every year the Capitol hosts the annual Hunger Games, where two children from each district are forced to fight to the death.

Lionsgate has released five new posters (which are being called District Seals) for The Hunger Games, each depicting one of the 12 districts. 2 is masonry, 7 is lumber, 8 is textiles, 9 is grain, and 12, home of main characters Katniss and Peeta (Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson), is mining.

The posters are pretty cool, though the instruction to “like” your district on Facebook takes away a lot of the realism.

Check out the rest of the posters here, and make sure to look at The Hunger Games awesome viral marketing website.

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