Do We Finally Know Who Leaked That Deadpool Test Footage?


Just in case you need a refresher: before Fox’s brilliant Deadpool movie officially got the green light, it was languishing in development hell, and would probably never have seen the light of day unless someone took it upon themselves to leak those action-packed, hilarious few minutes of test footage online.

When the studio saw the incredibly positive reaction from fans, they realized they had a potential cash cow on their hands and decided to move forward with the project. It was great news for Ryan Reynolds, writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, director Tim Miller and ultimately everyone else – but the question remains, who leaked the footage in the first place?

THR thinks they know, and earlier today published a report on the matter:

I am now prepared to say with near (but not total) certainty that it was either the film’s director, Tim Miller, or someone close to him. And while Miller hasn’t publicly said he was behind the leak, numerous sources point to him or one of his colleagues at Blur. I have no smoking-gun proof other than my typically very reliable sources on such matters. But if so, it was a bold move from a filmmaker who had nothing to lose and everything to gain. This was a guy pushing 50, trying to get his first movie made. What was going to happen to him? Be banned from directing movies?

Suspicion has also fallen on Ryan Reynolds recently, but we may never know the truth – because even though everything worked out and the movie was a huge success, these sort of things can still have some consequences further down the line.

Deadpool is now showing in theaters, and you can check out our glowing review right here.

Source: THR

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