Doctor Doom Wields The Infinity Gauntlet In Awesome MCU Concept Art

doom doctor

Every Marvel fan wants to see Doctor Doom in the MCU now that it’s possible. Fox tried to adapt him for the screen twice, and fell short both times. What we really need Marvel Studios to do, then, is to give us a pretty faithful version of the Fantastic Four’s nemesis: A sorcerer/scientist/king who’s one of the most dangerous beings in the Marvel universe. While we’re probably still a ways away from seeing him in the MCU, this awesome concept art down below at least gives us a flavor of how he could be depicted.

This isn’t fan art, you see, but comes from Charlie Wen, Head of Visual Development at Marvel. He shared the piece on his Instagram account, clarifying that he didn’t make this for work but just for fun. It imagines a “what if?” scenario where Victor Von Doom gets his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet. As you can see below, Wen portrays Doom sitting on his throne holding what looks to be the Time Stone in his gloved hand.

This is a fascinating “what if?” scenario as it makes us wonder what it would’ve been like if Doom had been the big bad of the Infinity Saga instead of Thanos. That would have been fun to see, but now we have the chance for him to become the next overarching villain of the franchise going forward. We’ve seen Doom face off against the Four in three previous movies, so to freshen things up, it would make sense to pitch him as an Avengers-level threat.

The Infinity Gauntlet itself is probably played out in the MCU, so we might not see Doctor Doom wielding it as in this cool concept art, but it shouldn’t be too long before the Latverian ruler himself appears in the franchise.