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‘Doctor Strange 2’ has fans roasting the MCU’s worst-ever project

Kevin Feige had a little fun at the expense of the worst thing his company has ever put out.

doctor strange 2
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Big, fat, juicy spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness from first to last, so you’ve been warned.

It says a lot about the playful spirit, self-awareness, and confidence on display in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that Kevin Feige and Sam Raimi would bring back a character from a project that’s not only been disregarded as official canon, but gone down in the history books as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s worst-ever effort.

Much like the silent superhero himself, Anson Mount must have been speechless when he got the phonecall gauging his interest in suiting up as a comic-accurate Black Bolt in the psychedelic sequel. Of course, he wasn’t really given much time to make an impact before Wanda turned his brain to mush from the inside, but the odds on seeing anyone associated with the dismal Inhumans ever showing up in a big screen MCU blockbuster would have been long, to put it lightly.

Naturally, fans have been losing their minds at a TV series that was canned after eight episodes half a decade ago factoring into a feature film that’s expected to sail past the billion-dollar mark at the box office.

To give you an indication of the low regard in which Inhumans is held, it’s not just the lowest-rated MCU-era title on Rotten Tomatoes thanks to a paltry 11% score, but it’s also lagging way behind the regularly maligned Iron Fist, which holds a positively robust 37% score by comparison in the second-bottom spot, making Mount’s guest spot in Multiverse of Madness all the more wondrously weird.

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