‘Doctor Strange 2’ star hoping for an X-Men crossover one day

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Despite playing a supporting character for the entirety of his tenure so far, we’re beginning to get the distinct impression that recurring Marvel Cinematic Universe favorite Benedict Wong is destined to become one of Phase Four’s key players.

Not only will he play a sizeable part in next month’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but he’s already made cameos in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Spider-Man: No Way Home, while we’ve also been told that we’re currently in Phase Wong of the Wong Cinematic Universe.

Looking at the facts, then, everything is coming up Wong, so it can’t be ruled out that actor Benedict Wong will get his wish to cross paths with the X-Men one day, as he revealed in an interview with JOE.

“I mean, if ever the X-Men are around, I’d like to hang out with the X-Men… I’m a big Marvel comic fan back in the day and obviously, I always remembered the Secret Wars, where everybody was involved… Who else? X-Force, Nightcrawler, all of those. What I love about this and I thank the MCU… [I have] portal world travel… so the more, the merrier.”

Fans have been crossing their fingers in the hopes of willing a Wong Disney Plus series into reality, too, so the franchise’s current Sorcerer Supreme could be kept plenty busy over the coming years.

Everyone in their right mind would love to see the mutant abilities of the X-Men go toe-to-toe with the mystical corner of the MCU, so let’s hope that Kevin Feige is cooking up some great ideas during his retreat to map out the next decade.

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