‘Doctor Strange 2’ star says we’re living in Phase Wong

wong spider-man no way home

Benedicts Cumberbatch and Wong struck up an instantaneous and easygoing chemistry in Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange, but with the latter having been established as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Sorcerer Supreme in Spider-Man: No Way Home, their dynamic will be altered significantly in Sam Raimi’s upcoming Multiverse of Madness.

Wong hadn’t been featured all that heavily during his MCU tenure up until the beginning of Phase Four, but his extended cameo in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings indicated that he’s set to play an increasingly large role in the mythology moving forward, and it might not be restricted solely to the cosmic side, either.

Having previously dubbed the latest stage of the superhero series as the Wong Cinematic Universe, the titular actor narrowed his focus even further during an interview with Empire, where he called the latest stage of expansion Phase Wong.

“I call it Phase Wong. It’s a nice, interesting shift. Wong has taken on a new role, and that dynamic changes between them [Wong and Strange] both.”

Wong has been receptive to the widespread calls for him to receive his own Disney Plus series, one that would see him traveling the world solving mystical mysteries on a weekly basis, which sounds all kinds of awesome.

You never know, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may end up laying the groundwork for having the Sorcerer Supreme spread his wings and fly solo for a while, but it’d be an understatement to say we know very little about where a plot with limitless potential and untold possibilities could be heading.