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‘Doctor Strange 2’ star only saw the movie for the first time last night

To be fair, he has been busy trekking through space.

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The rest of the world might’ve already seen Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness at the beginning of the month, but one of the Marvel movie’s secret stars has only just caught up. The Illuminati scene in Sam Raimi’s sorcery-themed sequel featured half a dozen mind-blowing cameos, with arguably the most surprising being the return of the king of the Inhumans himself, Blackagar Boltagon, with Anson Mount reprising his role from ABC’s short-lived Inhumans TV series.

Due to all the cloak and dagger surrounding Mount’s reappearance as Black Bolt, then, he wasn’t invited to the film’s big premiere a few weeks ago — however, it turns out Marvel has finally made it up to him by hosting a special screening for Mount and a bunch of his friends and family this weekend.

“Last night my wife and I, along with friends from [Star Trek] cast & crew, finally got to see [Doctor Strange 2],” Mount shared on Twitter, attaching a gorgeous piece of comic book art of his silent hero. “Thanks to [Marvel Studios] for the special screening. We had a phenomenal time. Extra special as it was our first theater experience since becoming parents.”

Mount’s totally forgiven for taking so long to check out Doctor Strange on the big screen, then, as his tweet reminds us how he’s had a lot on his plate recently. For one, he’s been busy captaining the starship Enterprise as he shoots Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which is already in production on its second season despite the first only just premiering on Paramount Plus this month.

Meanwhile, it’s all going on in his private life, too. As Mount points out, he and his wife, photographer Darah Trang, welcomed their first child, a daughter, into the world in December 2021. When it comes to his cameo, the Christopher Pike star previously tweeted that getting the call from Kevin Feige to invite him back to play Black Bolt was “one of the most unexpected of my life”, saying it was an “honor [and] joy” to work with Raimi and he was “beyond grateful” for the whole experience.

Let’s hope Doctor Strange 2 isn’t the last time we see Anson Mount in the MCU.

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