‘Doctor Strange 2’ trailer teases the MCU Illuminati

During the new trailer, released today, we see Doctor Strange escorted into a room with five chairs looking down onto him.

The Super Bowl has provided fans with a new look at the next MCU flick set to hit theatres, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There was a ton of hints of huge things to come in the film along with plenty more to digest, and one of these seems to be the appearance of an MCU Illuminati.

During the trailer, Doctor Strange is captured and escorted into a room with a number of chairs sat looking down over him. As he enters this room we get our first tease of a huge cameo with the voice of Professor Xavior played once again by Sir Patrick Stewart can be heard.

It would seem that Professor X will assume one spot in the MCU Illuminati, but the other members currently aren’t so clear.

In Marvel comics, the Illuminati is a hidden organization of the smartest minds in the universe. Members that have been a part of the group include Professor X, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Mister Fantastic, and more.

If the Illuminati is to show up in Doctor Strange 2 then the team may look very different as, from the trailer, we get a look at three silhouettes that could be other characters cameoing in the film. Though don’t have confirmation, it appears a Captain Marvel variant will show up along with Captain Carter from Marvel’s What If…? animated series.

For now, the other four seats in this what looks to be the MCU Illuminati aren’t entirely clear, however, we’ve got plenty of time before the film’s May 6 launch so we will likely get a clear indication of who will show up before then.

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