Doctor Strange Director Has Hope For Fantastic Four To Enter The MCU


Poor Fantastic Four. Despite being an excellent superhero property, Marvel’s First Family have had a very rough time on the big screen. Back before comic book movies were the bee’s knees, Fox put out two films that both failed to impress, sending the characters back to the shelf for almost a decade before the studio tried to reboot them. Unfortunately, that was also a disaster (perhaps even worse of one than what came before) and now, the Fantastic Four have been left in limbo.

Common sense says to hand them back over to Marvel Studios, like Sony did with Spider-Man, but Fox hasn’t made a decision yet one way or another. However, that hasn’t stopped Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson from revealing that he still has hope that one day, the characters can be brought into the MCU.

Speaking to Screen Rant, here’s what he shared:

“I mean, there’s a lot of discussion about Moon Knight maybe coming into the MCU. I think that’s a good idea. I dunno… Actually, scratch that answer. Here’s my answer. My answer is this: I still have hope that Fantastic Four can be properly brought into the MCU because a lot of Doctor Strange – that’s the comment I read the most during that. I love those characters and I think that they still deserve another shot at finding a true home in the MCU. I still have hope for that. That’s my honest answer.”

Of course, the big issue with this is the rights, as those lie with Fox and the studio doesn’t seem too eager to give them up, even after the debacle that was the 2015 reboot. It’s a shame, too, as the Fantastic Four would fit into the MCU perfectly now that Marvel is starting to explore the more cosmic and galactic side of their cinematic universe, what with properties like Guardians of the Galaxy and, of course, Doctor Strange.

Still, never say never. After the deal that Sony struck with Marvel for Spidey, anything is possible and it wouldn’t surprise us if Fox were to make a similar arrangement down the road. There really is a fantastic (sorry, I had to) film waiting to be made revolving around the heroes and eventually, they’ll get the cinematic outing they deserve. We’re sure of it.

Tell us, do you think the Fantastic Four will one day find their way into the MCU? Sound off in the usual place with your thoughts!