Doctor Strange Looking To Cast A Spell Over The Box Office Again


Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange looks set to continue its box office dominance this weekend after conjuring up another $14.9 million from Friday night showings. Analysts now predict it to accumulate a total of roughly $40-$45 million by Monday morning, which would give Scott Derrickson’s film another first place finish.

At the time of writing, Doctor Strange is sitting pretty at $125 domestically and $365 worldwide – not bad given it’s only been out for a few weeks and features a central character who’s nowhere near as recognizable as say Iron Man or Captain America.

Positive reviews and word of mouth are obviously helping the film, but I think part of it’s also that Doctor Strange offers something refreshing and unique for the MCU, as it’s the first entry to really dive head first into the more mystical side of things. As such, audiences probably find it a welcome breath of fresh air for the franchise, which it most certainly is.


Elsewhere at the box office, Fox’s animated Trolls movie took in $12.2 million on Friday, putting it on track to generate $34 million this weekend. Paramount’s brilliant sci-fi film Arrival, meanwhile, pulled in an impressive $9.3 million, leading analysts to predict it to finish the weekend at $24 million. Finally, the play it safe but still enjoyable holiday flick, Almost Christmas, nabbed $5.9 million, sending it well on its way to a $16.9 million finish.

Circling back to Doctor Strange though, it’s clear that Marvel has put together yet another winner and with buzz already building over a sequel for the Sorcerer Supreme, and appearances booked in both Avengers: Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok, it’s looking like the MCU’s newest hero won’t be going anywhere any time soon – and we’re perfectly alright with that.