Doctor Strange Trailer Screenshots Peer Closer Into Scott Derrickson’s Mind-Bending Origins Story

If you’re still struggling to wrap you head around last night’s show-stopping teaser – and we wouldn’t blame you for a nanosecond – Marvel has premiered a series of screenshots pulled from the first Doctor Strange trailer, peering closer into Scott Derrickson’s mind-bending origins tale.

Evoking memories of Inception (entire cityscapes folding like origami) and The Matrix (a bewildered prodigy training under an ancient sage), there’s plenty to decipher from the film’s first sizzle reel, where the action culminated with a fleeting glimpse at Benedict Cumberbatch donning the famous guise as the Sorcerer Supreme.


Once known as Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, Cumberbatch’s lead finds his life upended after a tragic car accident, one which leaves him on the brink of death. But while on the road to recovery, our brilliant protagonist begins to poke and prod at the fabric of our reality, with last night’s trailer showcasing a pilgrimage across the globe in search of answers.

From a successful and well-to-do medical professional to a dishevelled, bearded wanderer, Doctor Strange will put Benedict Cumberbatch’s lead through the wringer, opening up a lot of dramatic potential for the actor, who ought to be no, ahem, stranger to the supernatural after headlining the BBC’s modern Sherlock series.

Doctor Strange plunges the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the realm of magic when Derrickson’s peculiar origins tale lands in theaters on November 4. Chiwetel Ejiofur, Rachel McAdams, Michael Stuhlbarg, Mads Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton also star.