Dolph Lundgren names his candidate to be the next Punisher

The Punisher

When it comes to naming the best actor to have ever played the Punisher in live-action, 99% of people are going to name Jon Bernthal, who had plenty of time to put his own stamp on the character after debuting in Netflix’s Daredevil before going on to headline his own show.

After that, it’s probably the 2004 version that saw Thomas Jane embody the comic book vigilante, even though Ray Stevenson does have plenty of supporters after taking top billing in the dementedly violent and perversely entertaining War Zone. Unfortunately, that would leave Dolph Lundgren at the bottom of the pile.

The action star’s 1989 movie has largely been lost to the sands of time, but if you have seen it, then you’ll be aware that it’s not very good. In a hugely coincidental turn of events, VOD martial arts legend Scott Adkins admitted in the past that he wishes he hadn’t signed on for a minor part in Doctor Strange because it may have harmed his chances landing a bigger shot at the MCU.

As fate would have it, Adkins has named the Punisher as his ideal choice to bring to life in the past, and he’s now working with Lundgren on Castle Falls. During an interview the pair conducted with ComicBook, the Rocky IV star said “You’d be a good Punisher, I just realized that”, and Adkins was in full agreement. If Bernthal doesn’t return, then Adkins would be a more than adequate replacement.