Dominic Cooper Joins Luke Evans In Dracula

Dominic Cooper

Variety is reporting that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter star Dominic Cooper is set to join Universal’s upcoming Dracula film, which recently snagged Luke Evans for the lead role. The Gary Shore-directed film also stars Sarah Gadon and is said to use a “mix of mythology and history” in order to tell the story of Prince Vlad, who was the inspiration for the iconic figure that was made popular by Bram Stroker’s novel. No word yet on who Cooper will play but it will likely be some sort of adversary, given the nature of the story.

Unfortunately, Dominic Cooper still hasn’t broken out like I predicted he would when The Devil’s Double was released. In that film, he gave a fantastic performance and ever since I’ve been watching his career closely. He starred in Dead Man Down earlier this year and has the upcoming Need for Speed film in the pipeline but he still hasn’t had the chance to really take off yet. He keeps finding himself in supporting roles and while they do give him a chance to flex his chops a bit, it’s not enough. He needs a starring role in a major film, and he needs one soon. Cooper is a very talented actor and I’m surprised that he hasn’t experienced more success.

As for Dracula, well, it sounds alright. I mean, the character has been done to death at this point but hopefully Shore and his cast can bring something new to the table. It’s too soon to tell whether this will be a worthy outing for the horror icon but when we hear more, we’ll keep you posted.

For now, tell us, what do you think of Dominic Cooper joining Dracula?

Source: Variety