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Don Cheadle Blasts Letitia Wright For Sharing Controversial Video

Don Cheadle has blasted fellow MCU star Letitia Wright for sharing a rather controversial video on social media.

Don Cheadle

You can’t have missed the social media storm that Black Panther actress Letitia Wright has created over the past day, thanks to her sharing an anti-COVID-19 vaccine video on Twitter. Titled “COVID-19 Vaccine, Should We Take It?”, the clip has been torn apart for the host’s baseless statements and fearmongering about the incoming vaccine, so folks are understandably displeased with Wright for spreading these kind of lies about something that the world desperately needs right now.

One of those people is fellow MCU star Don Cheadle. After receiving backlash for her tweet, the actress wrote: “If you don’t conform to popular opinions. but ask questions and think for yourself….you get cancelled.” The War Machine star made clear his thoughts on the situation by retweeting Wright’s comment and adding: “Bye, Letitia,” a nod to the “Bye, Felicia” meme.

Cheadle did later delete that initial tweet after admitting to not having watched the video yet and when pressed to do so by fans, he acquiesced and again commented on the situation. In a follow-up tweet, he backtracked on his earlier call for Wright to be “cancelled,” but did confirm that he’ll be having a private word with her off Twitter.


As well as the unfounded nonsense that the video’s host spouts about the vaccine, one section also voices some transphobic views. Wright has been blasted for indirectly backing such opinions by sharing it and prior to the above tweet, Cheadle was questioned about this and said he wouldn’t hesitate to hit back at his co-star if she came out with any transphobic views herself. Either way, he’s going to personally bring the issue up with her.


The situation seems to be spinning out of control at this stage, with Letitia Wright doing little to quell the controversy. Marvel Studios execs may well be having some conversations somewhere and if the actress isn’t careful, she could end up like Cheadle’s predecessor in the role of Rhodey, Terrence Howard, and find herself being replaced for Black Panther 2. 

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