Letitia Wright Responds To Backlash Over Controversial Tweets

Black Panther Shuri

Letitia Wright was introduced to most people in Black Panther, where she played the role of Shuri, the tech genius sister of T’Challa who is widely expected to now take on the titular superhero mantle after Chadwick Boseman’s tragic passing. And while she won over a lot of folks with her performance, the actress has come under fire this week for sharing an anti-vax video questioning the veracity of the Coronavirus vaccine.

The video in question comes from On the Table, a self-styled “controversial” series, and sees host Tomi Arayomi explain his skepticism of the vaccine’s legitimacy. Given that Wright posted it with no further comment, it was taken as her tacit agreement with what it was saying, and obviously, many people took issue with this.

Indeed, Twitter has been flooded with folks reacting in anger and frustration that the actress would share such a video and now, as the calls to have her ‘cancelled’ grow louder, Wright has responded to the controversy, saying the following about it:

While it’s nice to see her not staying silent, hoping that things will just blow over, it remains to be seen if this statement will do a whole lot to calm the anger currently sweeping across social media. After all, in recent times, we’ve witnessed many celebrities share similar content and come under fire and often, they’re not forgiven. Even if they attempt to backtrack or apologize.

It’ll also be interesting to see if/how Marvel responds to this. They currently have big plans for the actress as like we mentioned above, Shuri is widely expected to become the MCU’s new Black Panther. But if the internet has now turned on Letitia Wright and she’s unable to earn fans’ forgiveness, then the studio may be forced to re-evaluate things.