Don Cheadle Offers “Biggest Hint Yet” On Avengers 4 Title


As fans get increasingly anxious for info on Avengers 4, the team behind the highly anticipated sequel to Avengers: Infinity War are apparently treating this growing impatience as an opportunity to troll us all the more.

A few days ago, actor Don Cheadle was asked on Twitter if he’d be willing to offer any clues on the title of next year’s release, to which the star offered the ‘hint’ that the name “incorporates letters that will be organized in a coherent fashion with the express purpose of communicating to the consumer the content of the film.”

Needless to say, the reply was meant as a joke, but some fans still scrutinized the comment for clues, with one user making the very shaky argument that since Cheadle said “letters” rather than “words,” that must mean the movie has a single-word subtitle. Cheadle, however, responded by stressing to his followers that they’re barking up the wrong tree:

“ok, ok. i’m gonna give you all the biggest hint yet (or is it just information? you be the judge); for one to give a hint about the title, they’d FIRST have to KNOW themselves what the title IS. which i don’t. so … (i wouldn’t spend too much time trying to decode this one).”

To be fair, Cheadle admitting that he doesn’t know the title is more concrete information than you’re likely to get from directors Joe and Anthony Russo these days.

The filmmaking pair have proven more ambitious than Cheadle in their attempts to toy with their fans, with the brothers recently uploading a couple of mysterious images to their social media accounts that have got the internet scrambling for answers. Last week, for instance, the Infinity War helmsmen tweeted an overly bright photo of an unknown object that’s invited a range of theories, as well as plenty of plenty of fan frustration directed at the Russos for trolling us once more.

There’s still so much we don’t know, and the Avengers 4 team apparently love that we don’t know it, but one thing we can be sure of is that the film will be hitting theaters on May 3rd, 2019.