#DontSpoilNoWayHome trends, but will Twitter listen?

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the embargo on Spider-Man: No Way Home has now been lifted, which promises a testing few days for fans and Twitter aficionados who want to go into the theater to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster without knowing a single shred of plot information.

The very recent past of Marvel Comics adaptations doesn’t paint a particularly encouraging picture, with the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage arriving online 24 hours before the symbiotic sequel premiered, while Harry Styles’ cameo in Eternals was ruined almost as soon as the movie’s world premiere had ended.

Obviously, Spider-Man: No Way Home has been beset by its fair share of leaks that may or may not be proven accurate, but as you can see from the hopeful hashtags below, social media users are pleading with the rest of the online community to keep its collective mouth shut for another three days at least.

Is it going to happen? Absolutely not, and there are already major reveals and plot details being widely circulated, even though the embargo literally lifted a couple of hours ago. These are truly trying times for those avoiding Spider-Man: No Way Home chatter, and history has shown that a lot of folks are going to go right ahead and spoil it anyway.