Spider-Man: No Way Home Leaker Claims Sony Confirmed The Images Are Real

We’re getting more insights into the man who recently leaked images from the forthcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, which hasn’t been authenticated as of yet, including his claim that he shared the images thinking they were fake but later found out they were real after allegedly being contacted by someone from the movie studio, most likely Sony.

YouTuber and film critic John Campea recently stated in a live stream Tuesday, that he is indeed the person who originally shared the images in question online and was later contacted by a “studio that has the letter ‘S’ in it.”

The images in question had Campea’s watermark, which he said he had placed there.

In one image, Tom Holland, Toby Maguire, and Andrew Garfield are standing in a similarly lit environment, all donning their respective Spider-Man costumes, sans masks. Another image features Charlie Cox’s Daredevil sitting at a table with Holland’s Peter Parker, Jon Favreau’s Happy, and Marissa Tomei’s Aunt May. It was a bombshell moment for many on the internet since all those aforementioned actors have long been rumored to appear in the film.

Campea explained that he initially posted the images on Twitter, then immediately deleted them five minutes later. He later received a call from someone saying the images are “probably real.” Campea then deleted the images, because as he explains, he thought they were just convincing photoshop jobs and wasn’t actually intending to spoil the movie.

Campea went on to say there were four images total sent to him, and he was initially thinking about posting those as well but changed his mind. He added that “the other two pictures were the more juicy ones.”

Despite being asked to inform on the insider who initially gave Campea the images, he refused, saying he simply “can’t” tell anyone who sent the pictures to him. He also acknowledged it was “unethical” for him to share the images he now believes to be genuine, but throwing the person under the bus who gave the images to him is also not justified.

We’ll have to see how much of the rumors end up true when Spider-Man: No Way Home Swings into theaters on Dec. 17.