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Mind-Blowing Potential Leak For Spider-Man: No Way Home Crawls Onto Internet

Despite Andrew Garfield's best attempts to keep quiet, it seems we may finally have a full leak showing three Spider-Men returning.

A new potential leak for Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man: Now Way Home has just crawled its way onto the internet and is blowing people’s minds.

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Though the images haven’t been confirmed as authentic, they seem to be the real deal for the most part, or at least done up in some jaw-droppingly convincing photoshop.

The photos seem to indicate that in addition to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will be donning their respective red-and-blue suits as well and all sharing the same scene together. A second image shows Charlie Cox reprising his role as Matthew Murdock AKA Daredevil, sharing a table with what looks to be Holland’s Peter Parker, Jon Favreau’s Happy, and Marissa Tomei’s Aunt May.

Take a look at the image for yourself below, which was shared by Twitter user @Spider_Leaks.

While we can’t rule out that this may not be the real deal, it would be a huge deal if these characters were confirmed to appear in the film.

What’s more, the trio of Spider-Men picture looks particularly convincing, as all of the actors are similarly lit by what looks like a yellow street light. Not only would this specific color temperature be hard to emulate on three unrelated pictures of the respective actors, but the difficulty in creating the same unique silhouette effect as seen in the photo lessens the likelihood it is doctored even more.

The same amount of certainty can’t quite be said for the Matt Murdock photo, however, since Cox is lit in a relatively straightforward and less unique way. In addition, none of the other characters are making direct eye contact with the blind lawyer, suggesting the other characters are perhaps lifted from a scene in a previous movie or trailer clip. That being said, the Daredevil photo doesn’t look too out of place, either, and may well prove to be the genuine article as well.

We’ll have to see whether these exciting characters will indeed appear in the upcoming film when Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters Dec. 17.