Dumb & Dumber Sequel Is Officially Cancelled

After the disheartening news that Jim Carrey had walked away from Dumb & Dumber To, it seems that everyone involved in the project has lost interest for good. Jeff Daniels, while out promoting his new series The Newsroom, confirmed that the sequel is officially dead in the water.

There are many reasons this could have happened, though I’m assuming that the failure of the Farrelly Brothers‘ latest film, The Three Stooges, has something to do with it.

Although both actors (Daniels and Carrey) were happy to work on a sequel, it seems that New Line Studios just didn’t have the same enthusiasm.

It’s a shame really because Dumb and Dumber remains one of my favorite comedies and I think a lot of people share that same feeling. Hopefully things will turn around on the sequel but for now, it looks like it’s being canned.

At least we’ll always have Aspen, dead parakeets and our worm farms to remember our dearly departed Lloyd and Harry.