Batman Formally Invites Dwayne Johnson Into The Batcave


Yesterday, Dwayne Johnson officially announced that his long-gestating Black Adam movie is finally moving forward. And, in response, a fellow DC superhero offered him an open invitation to drop by his place.

In reply to The Rock’s Twitter share of his Instagram post that broke the news, the official Batman account said: “This is a formal invitation for @TheRock to come visit the Batcave.”

Fans went a bit crazy at this tweet, wondering if this means there’s a possible Black Adam/Batman team-up on the cards in the future of the DCEU. Who knows what’s coming, but to be honest, this was probably just the social media manager of the page simply having some fun. Still, it does a good job of reminding us how exciting the potential of Johnson joining the DC universe is.

The actor’s post explained his lifelong love of DC comics, particularly Superman, and why he personally connects to Black Adam as a character. He also shared some epic artwork imagining him as the super-powered anti-hero, a collaboration between comic book artist Jim Lee and digital artist BossLogic. Finally, he revealed that we can expect Black Adam to swoop into cinemas on December 22nd, 2021.

Black Adam’s existence was first alluded to in the DCEU in this April’s Shazam!, which explained his backstory as a corrupt student of the wizard Shazam who tried to possess the powers of the Seven Deadly Sins. Presumably, once he’s freed from his imprisonment in his own film, Adam will be explored in a more multi-layered, complex way, as Johnson was keen to stress his noble qualities in his Instagram post.

Eventually, the plan is to have Black Adam and Shazam face off in Shazam! 3, by which time there may also have been a Black Adam 2. Given all of the movies Dwayne Johnson is contracted for, it doesn’t seem out of the question that there could be some sort of Batman crossover at some point, too.