Dwayne Johnson Looks Massive In New Black Adam Training Photo


Dwayne Johnson is currently the highest-paid actor in the world and one of the last genuine movie stars left in a time where a recognizable and marketable brand is usually what’s used to sell any given film instead of the name on the poster, all of which makes it a bit surprising that we haven’t yet seen him headline a comic book movie.

After all, the actor has already dubbed himself ‘Franchise Viagra’ for his ability to significantly boost the box office returns of franchises like Fast and Furious and G.I. Joe, but still, the 47 year-old hasn’t yet been seen in the MCU, DCEU or even in Fox’s now completed X-Universe.

Come 2021, though, that’ll all change as Johnson will finally make his comic book movie debut in Black Adam, which is set to be with us on December 22nd of next year. And with production looking to get underway soon, the Rock has been hitting the gym to get into shape, which he’s certainly been able to do as evidenced by the photo below, which he shared recently on Instagram. We’ve also included the first pic that he posted a few weeks back, in case you missed it.

Of course, it’s not exactly like Dwayne Johnson needed a lot of work to get into superhero shape. In fact, the guy already looks like a real life superhero almost every time he shows up on screen. But it’s clear that he’s getting even bigger for his role as Black Adam and with any luck, it won’t be too much longer now before Warner Bros. gives us a look at him in costume.

But while we wait for that to surface, tell us, what are you hoping to see from the Rock in Black Adam? Sound off in the comments section down below and stay tuned for more as the film inches closer to its production start date.

Source: Instagram

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