Dwayne Johnson Is Looking Jacked After Intense Training Session

Dwayne Johnson

If you drew up a Venn diagram of Hollywood actors and gym junkies, Dwayne Johnson would be slap bang in the middle of it. The star has never been hesitant to show the world his awesome frame (why would you when you look like that?), and his latest Instagram post gives us another look at his most recent, er, gains.

See for yourself below, and just check out those thighs – as if I haven’t objectified the man enough already. Going by his other social media posts, he seems like a real sweet dad, too. And just in case you can’t get enough of the guy, we’ve included some previously-shared workout photos as well.

When he finally gets to play Black Adam in the next year or two, superhero movies will finally have an actor who resembles a superhero in real life. Rendering diminutive white guys in CGI suits is one thing, but casting a 6-foot-5 mountain of muscle is another. Henry Cavill has a job on keeping up with him if the mooted Black Adam/Superman showdown gets realized, that’s for sure. Perhaps that’s why Cavill stepped back into the gym a few weeks ago? Seems plausible to me.

Dwayne Johnson, on the other hand, has inherited a big screen bodybuilding throne previously held by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movies that propelled him to superstardom include Jumanji, Fast & FuriousBaywatch? No, not Baywatch. Maybe San Andreas? Ouch.

Guess it’s just Jumanji and Fast & Furious then. As that little exercise goes to show, The Rock’s had nothing resembling the cultural impact Schwarzenegger had, nor does he share the latter’s gift for delivering one-liners. But hey, he’s not been an A-lister for very long. The Terminators and Predators of his career could well be in front of him.