Henry Cavill Teases His Superman Return With New Workout Photo

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Earlier this week, news broke that Superman star Henry Cavill was in talks to return to the DCEU, potentially making appearances in multiple movies. The actor hasn’t had any part in the franchise since his frankly shambolic turn in Justice League back in 2017, an episode we’ll dub Moustache-gate. With no new Superman films in the pipeline then, many had feared his time as Kal-El was up, so it’s naturally gone down well. And Cavill looks pretty game for it, too.

In a new Instagram post, he shared the following photo of him in the gym, under the not-so-cryptic caption “Hello, Old friend.” No prizes for guessing what that means. It looks very likely we’ll be seeing him suit up once more, then. It’ll be a relief for everyone concerned, too, as no one will have wanted his last appearance as a film icon to be that fraught, least of all him. This time around, there won’t be any screw-ups of the stash variety.

All in all, it’s been quite a month for DC fans. A Snyder Cut of Justice League is officially in the works, Henry Cavill is back in the Superman saddle, and a burgeoning movement to get a recut of Suicide Squad made is going strong.

Personally, all I want is a modern take on the Man of Steel that doesn’t suck like Man of Steel. Is that too much to ask? Not a request that’ll be fulfilled with Snyder at the wheel. But maybe if Christopher Nolan gets any spare ti… Now I’ve completely drifted into the realms of fantasy.

Looking forward to Cavill’s Superman return? Hopefully it doesn’t suck like Superman Returns. Used that gag already didn’t I? Anyway, drop a comment below with your thoughts, musings, gobbets of wisdom, that sort of thing.